The Grapevine: from the science to the practice of growing vines for wine - 2nd Edition

The Grapevine: from the science to the practice of growing vines for wine - 2nd Edition


Patrick Iland OAM, Peter Dry AM, Tony Proffitt , Steve Tyerman, Cassandra Collins, Vinay Pagay, Christopher Steel


Published: April 2024
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Updated: February 2024
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The Grapevine: from the science to the practice of growing vines for wine - 2nd Edition 

 A revised edition of our award winning viticulture book.

 ‘The Grapevine: from the science to the practice of growing vines for wine’ 2nd Edition is an updated, fully revised and expanded version of — ‘The Grapevine: from the science to the practice of growing vines for wine’ which was ‘Winner in the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) 2012 Awards for books in the "Viticulture" category’.

The revised edition continues exploring the links between the scientific principles and the practice of viticulture for the purpose of growing vines for wine. Extensive  research literature and industry opinion provide many guidelines for the practical management of vines. Many topics have been extensively updated, including flowering and fruitset, the link between grapes and wine style/quality, climate and the vine — including a  section on the impact of climate change — water soil and the vine  and sources and sinks.

It is primarily intended as a text for undergraduate and postgraduate students, however it will also be of great interest to anyone involved in viticulture and winemaking as, while it focuses on theory, it also contains many practical aspects and guidelines for growing vines. 

Extensive literature reviews provide a snapshot of current and past knowledge. New developments, in both research and practice, are discussed. Many diagrams and photographs are included. It provides an up-to-date, thoughtful, comprehensive and interesting account of the scientific principles relating to the practice of viticulture. ‘The Grapevine: from the science to the practice of growing vines for wine’ 2nd Edition contains 440 A4 full-colour pages of viticulture theory and practices, research and practical case studies and 420 coloured diagrams/photographs and 94 tables.

Contents include

  • The grapevine
  • Grapevine structure and function
  • Grapevine growth
  • Bud dormancy 
  • Formation and development of inflorescence primordia
  • Flowering and fruitset
  • Photosynthesis
  • Berry composition
  • Diseases and pests
  • Vines, grapes and wines
  • Water, soil and the vine
  • Climate and the vine
  • Sources and sinks
  • Putting it all together

The Authors

The seven co-authors include professors, lecturers, researchers and practising viticulturalists. The authors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching, research and the practice of viticulture gained over many years and are regarded as leaders in their field. 

Patrick Iland OAM

Dr Patrick Iland (BAppSc, MAgSc, PhD) has been involved in wine education for over 45 years. He is a former Senior Lecturer at The University of Adelaide, Australia. Patrick has taught and researched in the areas of wine chemistry, viticulture and sensory evaluation. His research focused on the effects of viticultural practices on grape and wine quality and wine sensory properties. He, along with colleagues, developed the ‘berry colour’ measure — a measure widely used in the viticulture industry for determining the colour of black grapes. Although retired, he retains his connection with the University as Patron of The University of Adelaide Wine Alumni. 

He is a past winner of the Stephen Hickinbotham Memorial Trust Award (for his research on Pinot Noir grapes and wines) and the Stephen Cole the Elder Award for Excellence in Teaching awarded by The University of Adelaide. In 2007 he was awarded the Order of Australia (OAM) for his services to the Australian wine industry. Patrick has a strong interest in and commitment to education. He and his wife Judith conduct a publishing business specialising in educational wine books. 

Tony Proffitt 

Dr Tony Proffitt (BSc, MSc, PhD, Post-graduate Dip. in Viticulture) commenced his career in agricultural science during the 1980s. He has worked in the technical, consultancy, extension and educational sectors of the Australian wine industry since 1995. 

He spent five years with Southcorp Wines (now known as Treasury Wine Estates) and then joined AHA Viticulture, a vineyard management and consultancy company based in the Margaret River region, Western Australia. Tony continues to work as a consultant viticulturist. 

He is best known for his work using and promoting the Precision Viticulture suite of tools for vineyard management. In 2006 he co-authored the book entitled ‘Precision Viticulture – a new era in vineyard management and wine production’.

Tony has a strong interest in education, having been employed as a lecturer in viticulture at Curtin University, Western Australia. He is the author of many scientific papers and industry articles which have been published in a range of peer-reviewed and popular viticultural, agricultural and soil science journals.

Peter Dry AM

Dr Peter Dry (BAgSc, MAgSc, PhD, FASVO) has been a viticultural scientist for over 45 years. He started his career in the South Australian Department of Agriculture in 1970. His academic career commenced at Roseworthy Agricultural College in 1975 and continued at The University of Adelaide from 1990. He retired from the University as Associate Professor in 2008. This was followed by six years as a part-time viticulture consultant at the Australian Wine Research Institute. 

He was the 2014 recipient of the Maurice O’Shea Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Wine Industry. He is the author of more than 350 scientific and popular publications on viticulture and wine.

Although his research has been wide-ranging, he is perhaps best known for the development of the partial rootzone drying (PRD) irrigation strategy — in 2001, this was named as one of the 100 most-important technological innovations of the 20th century in Australia by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. 

Steve Tyerman

Emeritus Professor Steve Tyerman (BSc Hons, PhD, FAA) is a leading scientist in the field of plant physiology. He was elected as a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science in 2003. 

He has researched nutrition, salinity and water relations in plants for some 40 years and has published over 230 papers including in journals such as Annual Review of Plant Biology, Nature, Science, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In 2001 Steve was appointed to the Wine Industry Chair of Viticulture at The University of Adelaide and formally retired from this position in 2018. 

He still maintains an active laboratory and has students and research fellows working with him in viticulture and plant physiology. He leads research on vine and berry water relations, berry development and water transport in plants more generally. He has taught viticulture at all levels and continues to give guest lectures at The University of Adelaide and other institutions. 

Climate change impacts and adaptation in viticulture are drivers for his research.

Cassandra Collins

Associate Professor Cassandra Collins (BAgSc Hons Viticulture, PhD, Grad Cert Higher Ed) has been a researcher in viticulture for over 25 years. After completing a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and a PhD in Horticulture, she gained experience in the wine industry as a cellar hand, an assistant winemaker and a viticulturist. 

However, a love of plants and a passion for research and teaching led her to researcher roles with the South Australian Research and Development Institute and the University of Adelaide, and then to her current role as a lecturer and now program director of the Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology.

Cassandra's current research specialization is grapevine reproduction, yield prediction, organic and biodynamic vineyard management, canopy management, terroir and new technologies for assessing vine performance.

Vinay Pagay

Dr Vinay Pagay (BEng, BSc Hons, MSc, PhD) is a Senior Lecturer in Viticulture at The University of Adelaide, Australia. He has researched grapevines for over 20 years and teaches in the areas of grapevine physiology, and vineyard engineering and technology. 

Vinay has worked in vineyards, wineries and grape/wine research institutions on four continents, but is particularly passionate about Australian viticulture, which brought him to The University of Adelaide in 2015.  

His current research focuses on understanding the effects of climate on grapevine performance, grape and wine composition and quality, as well as application of proximal and remote sensing tools to improve vineyard management. He also works on grapevine signalling under stress, grapevine virology and clonal selection. 

Vinay is the co-inventor of two novel crop water status sensors, both of which have been commercialised. He is the co-founder of Athena IR-Tech, based in Adelaide, South Australia.  

Christopher Steel

Professor Christopher Steel (BSc Hons., PhD) has taught viticulture and wine science at Charles Sturt University since 1995. Prior to joining Charles Sturt University, he completed periods of post-doctoral training at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, with the agrochemical industry in Switzerland and with the NSW Department of Agriculture. During his time in Europe his research involved studies on the mode of action of fungicides. After arriving in Australia in 1991 his research had a greater emphasis on viticulture when he commenced studies on fungicide resistance in Botrytis grey mould of grapes and the physiological responses of the grapevine to fungal infection.

Much of his research conducted over a period of 30 or more years has been concerned with grapevine disease management, and more recently, the effects fungal diseases of grapes have on grape and wine quality. Chris is best known for his work on Botrytis and other bunch rots of grapes. He has led the wine science and viticulture undergraduate and post graduate teaching programs at Charles Sturt University for over 25 years.

Title The Grapevine: from the science to the practice of growing vines for wine - 2nd Edition
Authors Patrick Iland OAM, Peter Dry AM, Tony Proffitt , Steve Tyerman, Cassandra Collins, Vinay Pagay, Christopher Steel
Physical properties Format: Hardback
Number of pages: 440
Width: 220 mm
Height: 297 mm
Audience Student/Viticulturists/Winemakers
Language English
Hard Copy ISBN ISBN : 978-0-9946356-7-9
Ebook ISBN 978-0-9946356-8-6
Ebook Format PDF
Illustrations note 420 colour photographs
Publisher Patrick Iland Wine Promotions Pty Ltd
Imprint name Patrick Iland Wine Promotions Pty Ltd
Publication date Hardcopy April 2024, eBook February 2024
Publication City/Country Adelaide /Australia